How to Last Longer in Bed


Here are some tips that can help men perform longer in bed For Long Sex Stamina

Stay Long On Bed

Long Sex

Do some Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises can help a man to control his erection. Compression and release the pelvic muscles that are Kegel exercises are not only great for women. Men who do have found that makes sex feel better. And according to a study presented at the European Association of Urology in Stockholm, pelvic floor exercises can help treat premature ejaculation.

So men, learn to contract the pelvic floor muscles – the area between the coccyx and genitals. The easiest way for a man to find this muscle is to see if you can stop the flow of urine when going to the bathroom. To do Kegel exercises, press and quickly release the PC muscle repeatedly for 10 seconds. Do three sets with 10-second rest between sets. Contracting the PC muscle when near orgasm should slow things down.

Take a break

If you start to feel the sensation too overwhelming and you feel you are losing control, slow down, stop or withdraw for a few seconds. Take your mind out of the room and focus on something totally unrelated. Think about your day at the mechanic or the meeting this morning, anything to get your mind off sex. Once you feel you are in control, begin heating the sheets again.

Let her take control

Leaning back and allow your partner
run the program for a while is a great way to slow down the pace. It will
She allowed him to pursue what he likes and give you the opportunity to
pleasure while you just enjoy the moment. Remember, you do not have
always in the driver’s seat to enjoy the ride.

Start with foreplay 

Yes you know that no matter what you do, once you start penetration are
going to get overwhelmed as you ejaculate prematurely, then make
foreplay much of the session of lovemaking. Tease her, please her,
drive her wild with his mouth and hands, and taking it to the edge
again, as many times as you want and as she can handle. Send penetration
for the latter; after she is satisfied and all have had their fill of a
orgasm or two … or three. Just make sure that even if you explode too
Quickly, she can not complain that you do not satisfy the maximum
or she does not climax.

The method pause-squeeze

During sex, when you feel you are about to ejaculate, remove
and they have your partner or yourself squeeze the base of his penis
maintain pressure for a few seconds until the urge passes. Wait one
a few seconds and then they engaged in some foreplay before returning to
penetration. Your penis may lose some erection, but once you resume
sexual stimulation, recover full erection. Repeat this procedure as
often as necessary. After a few practice sessions, the feeling of
know how to delay ejaculation may become a habit and not
It requires technical pause-squeeze.

Use condoms with benzocaine

Test the use of condoms to control climax that are specially made to extend sexual
activity and delay the orgasm of a man to five minutes. Designed for
help premature ejaculation, these condoms have benzocaine tip a
mild anesthetic with a slight numbing effect, so you can help
decrease sexual feeling of a man and take your sexual response to a
more manageable level.

The stop-start method

Men start masturbating alone, bringing yourself close to orgasm then
stop. After relaxing, continue to bring yourself closer
orgasm then stop until you can not take it anymore. Practice
until you have mastered the technique and then apply the same principle
during intercourse.

Long Time Sex Spray

Nightking Long Sex Delay Liquid

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Long Sex Gel

This gel acts as a desensitize for the penis and is similar to the chemical used with the long last condoms. Apply a small quantity (approximately 1 gram of liquid) on the tip (glan) of penis before around 30 minutes of penetration. This gel can be used with condom as well and enjoy longer lasting stamina on bed.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment and Drugs

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Say Goodbye to Premature Ejaculation

How to Cure Premature Ejaculation

How to Cure Premature Ejaculation

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation or ejaculation before you or your partner wanted, is a common problem that affects most men at some point in their lives. Several factors can influence when ejaculation occurs, but can be controlled with a little forethought, or, in extreme cases, medical intervention. Here are some strategies to help overcome premature ejaculation and improve sexual stamina naturally.

Kis Tarah Sex Ka Time Badhay in Hindi

How To Control Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Do You Ejaculate More Quickly Than You (And Your Partner) Desire?

Would you like to enjoy greater sexual pleasure, experience more powerful orgasms, and really pleasure your partner – without ever coming before you want to?

Tips For Long Time Sex

Apply strategic pressure. With some knowledge of anatomy, you can delay ejaculation in the opposite direction by applying pressure to one of two points.

शीघ्रपतन का घरेलु इलाज

Perineum Pressure: Pressing on the perineum, the point midway between the scrotum and anus, will help to stop ejaculation because this spot reaches through the prostate gland. It is the prostate that contracts and expands during orgasm and then expels the ejaculation fluid. Ask your partner to apply this loving pressure for you.
Testicles pull: When a man approaches orgasm his scrotum rises up close to your body. You can delay ejaculation by gently pulling your testes down and away from your body. Your partner can also do this for you.

Try rim. Edges, or orgasm control is the practice of maintaining a high level of sexual arousal, while delaying ejaculation. It takes practice, but it gets easier with time. Here are two recommended by the National Institutes of Health to stop premature ejaculation methods
Stop and start method: Having sex as usual until you feel it coming uncomfortably close to orgasm. Immediately and abruptly stop all stimulation for 30 seconds, then start again. Repeat this pattern until you are ready to ejaculate.
Squeeze Method: Having sex as usual until you feel orgasm is seconds. Abruptly stop another stimulation and gently squeeze the thumb and index finger around the side of the penis where the glans meets the shaft (or your partner could do this). After squeezing for a few seconds, all stimulation pause for 30 seconds before resuming intercourse. Repeat this pattern until you are ready to ejaculate.

Change Sex positions. Some intercourse positions put less pressure on the glans (or the most sensitive part of the penis). This is what you should do:
Try “passive” position. Lie under her female partner, or try a side by side position (or spoon).
Avoid “active” positions. Missionary and rear entry positions put more stimulation and friction on the glans, so consider taking them off the menu for now.

Take it easy. Depending on your personal sensitivity, slowing their movement and opting for softer, more sex jokes can help you keep out the longest orgasm. If you are getting too close to orgasm, slow down, switch to a new position, or take a break to stimulate your partner in other ways.

Focus on foreplay. Sometimes “premature” is a state of mind. Even if your ejaculation comes quickly during sex, you can still give your partner a great sexual experience through the most extensive, intimate, thoughtful and generous foreplay. Encourage your partner enough manually, orally or via toys, and may not need or want a long fight to end happy intercourse.

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sex medicine for long time

sex medicine for long time

Long Time Sex Kaise Kare

How To Play Long Sex on Bed

Der tak Humbistari kaise kare?

Bahot se logo ka swaal raheta hai ki time tak sex kaise kare or jald mani nikalne se kaise roke,

Many guys are asked an important question about How To Long Time Sex? It is very important think.

Yeah bahot zaruri hai ke aap Mubashrat jise Hindi me sambhog kehte hai itni der tak kar sake k aapka life partner / aapki bivi aap se satisfy ho jaye. Humbistari me biwi ko, wife ko satisfy karna bahut hi zarori hota hai. is topic par Long Sex tips for you and how to increase sex stamina hindi

Long Time Sex Kaise kare

Long Sex Tips: – Humbistari yani sex dertak (long time sex) karne ke liye first baat to yeh hai ke aap apne Mind ko full control me rakhe. Jab bhi hambistari ka irada kare to bahot zyada pehle se josh me na aaye is se aap k ling me tanav paida ho jayga I mean azu e tanasul / penis me josh ane se mani patli ho kar bahar jald nikal jayegi is liye very best tariqa ye hai k jab bhi sex ka irada kare to pehle se mind ko excite na kare or khas taor par penis vagina ke andar dalne ki jaldi bhi na kare.

Khane Ke Bad Sex

After Eating I mean khana khane ke foran bad hi Humbistari na kare. After eating kam se kam 2 ghante bad hi mubashrat / sex / intercourse karein.

Urinating Before Having Intercourse

Humbistari se pahle urine pass kare, jab bhi sex yani jimaa ke liye wife (patni) ke pas jaye to first peshab karle. Peshab se farigh hone k bad Humbistari karne me jald discharge hone ka khatra kam ho jata ha kiyon ki masane khali hone ki karan penis par load kam hota hai.

How to increase the thickness of semen

Thick Semen I mean mani ko gadha karne wali chize khaye like ladies finger (bhindi), Arvi, Udad ki dal etc. best food best for health and man power.

Der tak jima karne k liye important thing, Semen / mani ka gada hona hai and is tarha jald discharge hone ke reason mani ka ptla pani ki tarha hona hai is liye Mani ko ptla karne wale kaam na kare masturbation se bhi semen patli pani jaysi ho jati hai and zyada mushtzani se parhez kare hath se jimaa karne se mani patli ho jati hai and azue tanasul ki rage dhili padh jati hai is liye long sex karne ke liye very important bat ye hi hai k aap apne hath se apni health and power barbad na kare. Hand job se sirf waqti sukun milta hai magar insaan apne hatho apni zindagi barbad kardeta hai,It is very wrong.

What Men Do Before Sex

Jab aap Humbistari start kare to us se pahle apni wife ke sath foreplay kare usko khoob josh me laaye der tak apni biwi se khele play kare. Biwi k pistan ko choose and apne hand se biwi ki sharmgah / vagina ko massage kare is doran apne mind and feelings ko full control me rakhe apne ahesaas ko jaldi jagne mat dijiye.

Penis Ko Kab Yoni Me Dale

Jab Biwi full josh me ho jaye I mean excite ho jaye tab hi apne azu e tanasul yani apne ling / penis ko wife ki sharmgah (yoni / vagina) me dale and jab apne ling ko biwi ki sharm-gah me dal de to just cool ho kar let rahe thodi der bad up down shuru kare is waqt bahot zyada excite na ho apni bivi se sexy baat karte rahe or apna mind har 5 minutes me kahi or divert karte rahe, aram se hi humbistri (sax) kare kabhi jaldi na kare.

After Discharge Semen

Last me jab aap ka inzal yani semen ejaculation ho jaye / mani bahar nikal jaye to thode waqt ke liye apne ling ko bivi ki sharmgah me dale rakhe ekdam se na nikale kuch waqt ke bad ling ko vagina me se nikale take aap ki wife ko bhi itminan, orgasms, satisfaction mil sake.

Long Time Sex Medicine

Agar in sab technique use karne ke bad bhi aapka sex power nahi badhe yani aap jald hi discharge ho jate ho to iske liye herbal long sex medicine “Night King Delay” Long Time Sex ke liye use kare iske istemal se turant aapka sex time badh jayga ye ek tree ki gond se hasil kiya gaya ausad hai. Nightking Se koi Side Effect nahi hota ye poori taor par herbal sex time medicine hai.

long time sex medicine

long time sex medicine

Female & Male Body Attraction Parts

Female Or Male ki Body Attraction Parts In Hindi

 कैसे करे महिला और पुरुष एक दूसरे को प्रभावित
کیسے کرے خواتین اور مرد ایک دوسرے کو متاثر

sex ki jankari

sex ki jankari

Sex Ki Jankari In Hindi Language

The male female body is a wonderful creation of nature. Human body is beautiful creation by the god. This is a big gift for us. Khuda ne mard & aurat ki body ko kuch istarha banaya hai ke is me dono hi ke liye attraction hai. Female & Male me opposite ling (sex) ko lekar natural attraction ubharta hai.

Aurtain keya pasand karti hai

Woman, girls / female ek male / mard ki body me hardness (kathorta, sakhti) ko like karti hai. Agar kisi admi, boy ki body Sakth & hard hoti hai to ladkiya & Khwateen (women) jald hi unki taraf ragib (akarshit) ho jati hai.Man, boys / male (mard) Aurton ki body me softness (nazakat, mulayamta) ko pasand karte hai. Agar koi aurat / lady mardo ki tarha look rakthi hai to is ke comparison me woh istri (woman), ladki jyada attract appeal karti hai jo aurat hi ki tarha good looking nazar ati ho or usme qudrat ki khubsurti ubhar kar bhari ho aisi aurto ko mard behad pasand karte hai,

Face attraction in Female: – Khubsurati, beautiful face man aur woman dono hi ko apni taraf impress karta hai. ladke ladkiyo ke banizbat me girls ke beautiful looking face zyada pasand karte hai. Aaj kal ki nai nasl Face (Chere) se kafi impress & excite hoti hain.

Chest attraction: – Male ka ubhrahuwa chest / seene bhi woman ko pasand hai. Ek kashrat wala jism body building looking body se woman / Auratein kafi impress hoti hai. is type ke ladke ladkiyo ko jald impress kar lete hai.  isitarha woman ke brest (pistan, istan) boobs bhi boys & man ko kafi zyada attract karte hai aaj kal har mard bade or tight breast pasand karte hai jiske liye bohot se nawjawan ladkiya kam umri se hi apne pustan par IH5 cream breast enlargement cream ka istemal karne lagti hain. Many boys & man only one nazar me hi aurat ke boobs se uttejit ho jate hai kiyon ki isse unke sex ke ehsaas jagte hain, naturally mahila ki body ka yeah part (seena) purush ko bhut jald garam (excite) kardeta hai. Aurat & larkiyon ke is part (istan,pistan) ki size small & big (bade & chote) dono hi tarha ki different attraction rakhti hai agar IH5 cream ka istemal nau umri se kiya jay to inke boobs ka size badh jata hai jawani tak. This is very attractive part of body for better sex attractions.

Hips attrections: (putthe, sureen): – Mard & Aurat dono k Body parts me se Hip jise Hindi, Urdu me Kulhe, sureen kahajata hai yeah bhi kafi attract karte hai specially patni ke big yani mote & bade kulhe dekhne & touch karne se mard (pati) josh me a jate hain.

Legs attraction: – Woman, girls ki tange, legs agar patli lambi or chikni ho to isse un ki beauty, sundarta badh jati hai. Especially shadi ke bad miya biwi ke relation me sauhar apni bivi ke tango se bhi attract hote hai agar kabhi wo guthno tak kapda pahenti ho to. Legs are also important parts.

Khubsoorat Eyes: – Aurat & mard dono ki big eyes jazbiyat rakhti hai ek choti ankh ki banizbat. Beautiful eyes are god gift for some people from GOD.

In short: Girls all parts of body are very important . Some parts of body are too attractive for others. Care your body’s parts for best Sex life living. Sex ke bare me hindi me jankari hasil kare hamari is post ke zariya, or kuch ayurvedic medicine ke upyog se apni sex power ko bhi badahaya ja sakta hai, jaise ki main ek naam batata chalu “Night King Sex Delay Liquid” jo ki stay long on bed ka kirdaar nibhata hai, or aap ko long time sex karne ki aasha deta hai.

In Sexual Relationship: Sexual relationship me mard ki banizbat ladies ke sabhi ang / parts attractive hote hai, mard ke ling / penis aurat ko dekhte sath raghib karte hai sex ke liye, or female ka koi bhi parts I mean pistan / boobs / breast / hips, ko dekhte hi mard sex karne ke liye tayyar hote hai, iske sath female ke lips , eyes, and hatho ki sundarta se bhi maed pisal jate hai, magar sex ke relation ko acha banana ke liye mard apne ling / penis ke size ko badhate hai or aurtay apne boobs ko badahti hai. ling ke size ko bada karne ki dawa aaj kal market me bahot bechi jati hai lekin ye sab se kuch result nahi hota, or log apna mahenat ki kamai vest karte hai, ye bhi such hai ki small penis ko bada kiya ja sakta hai kuch exercise right massage tricks or sahi herbal medicine duvara, jaise ki gym joint karne wale agar khoob kashrat kare magar achchi giza na khay to unki body building ka kuch faida nahi hota, isi tarah penis exercise bhi sahi direction or sahi foods milne par badhaya ja sakta hai, hamare pass 1.5 se 2 inches tak permanent result dene wali herbal IH3 Capsules or IH4 massage oil hai, jiske sahi istemal se i mean IH4 massage oil se penis par exercise kare or IH3 capsules ko daily 3 baar lene se penis ko bada karna mumkin ho gaya hai wo bhi sirf 1 mahine ke andar.

Male Female ki Khoobsoorti se ichcha paida hoti hai, or ichcha sex tak le jati hai, sex me time zyada rahene par anand milta hai, to zindagi successful kahelati hai,

Jiyo Ji Bhar ke,Bas isi ka Naam hai Zindagi