Question to stop premature ejaculation

How to cure & stop premature ejaculation

[wc_highlight color=”red”]How to use Nightking?[/wc_highlight]

[wc_highlight color=”green”]Answer:[/wc_highlight] Step on how to use Nightking

  • You should take small piece of Nightking on your palm
  • Add 5 drops of water on this
  • Thrill it with finger for about 30 second till water turns to yellow or cream
  • Apply 1 drop of water on the Head of penis
  • Wait for 20 – 25 minutes & wash your penis with water & soap
  • Afte 20 – 30 minutes you are ready to have greatest sex of your life.

oral sex & premature ejaculation

[wc_highlight color=”red”]Can my wife or girl friend perform oral sex for me after I apply Nightking?[/wc_highlight]

[wc_highlight color=”green”]Answer [/wc_highlight] YES It is 100% safe to perform oral sex after applying Nightking with condom. Without condom it test bitter.

safe treatment for premature ejaculation

[wc_highlight color=”red”]Is there any side effect?[/wc_highlight]

[wc_highlight color=”green”]Answer:[/wc_highlight] No, there will be no side effect as it is of herbal product.

how long nightking work

[wc_highlight color=”red”]How long will the Nightking work after I apply it on the private part?[/wc_highlight]

[wc_highlight color=”green”]Answer:[/wc_highlight] It will last for 5-6 hours.

numbing penis & premature ejaculation

[wc_highlight color=”red”]Will Nightking numb my private part? Like other spray do??[/wc_highlight]

[wc_highlight color=”green”]Answer:[/wc_highlight] No. It will not. You still have fantastic feel and wonderful orgasm.

Herbal treatment for premature ejaculation

[wc_highlight color=”red”]Is it 100% Herbal?[/wc_highlight]

[wc_highlight color=”green”]Answer:[/wc_highlight]Yes it is 100% Herbal & Natural product.

guarented treatment for premature ejaculation

[wc_highlight color=”red”]Is it Guaranteed to work?[/wc_highlight]

[wc_highlight color=”green”]Answer:[/wc_highlight]Yes it is 100% Guaranteed to work. We provide money back guarantee on this.

secret packing for premature ejaculation

[wc_highlight color=”red”]Do you send private parcel?[/wc_highlight]

[wc_highlight color=”green”]Answer:[/wc_highlight]Yes , We send it without our company name or images on parcel it looks like book parcel.

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